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Sell gift cards for Bitcoin, and PayPal instantly. Gift cards for Amazon, Delta, Target, Best Buy, Walmart, and more. Buy gift cards with Bitcoin to trade crypto.

Sell Gift Cards for Bitcoin


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If you have a gift card or merchandise credit sitting around, you can sell it for bitcoins. BTC, and make a profit! Gift cards are financial instruments. Buy and sell with low processing fees. Start trading now. Gift cards are a great way to get yourself some free money. But they can be a pain to sell. GiftoCash has been created to help gift card or other store credit holders sell their gift cards for cryptocurrency. You can sell gift card codes for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Some gift cards are even redeemable for cash. No risk. No hassle. Just trade those unused gift cards for BTC and other Crypto.

How to Convert Gift Card to Bitcoin

Giftocash's trading interface is quite user-friendly, and even a less experienced user may easily comprehend how it works. First, click the "Sell Gift Card" button on our home page and select the kind of gift card you wish to convert. Next, choose your preferred payment method—Bitcoin, bank transfer, or Paypal—and wait for roughly 60 minutes for your gift card or merchandise credit to be confirmed and your payment to arrive.

Great service, fast delivery, good hospitality! Cheers 

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I paid with bitcoin, received my google code in about 3 mins, using a coupon I paid less for the cost! This is great.

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I exchanged a playstation gift card for Bitcoin without ID Verification just the card receipt. This is a no stress compared to other platforms I know

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Lovely products. Great price and fast delivery. No hassle shopping. I will definitely be coming back
Damilare Ogundimu
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